In the process industry, precise systems for level and level switch measurement are fundamental and make an important contribution to the safety and high quality of production and logistics processes.
Applications are most frequently carried out on liquids and solids in process tanks, storage tanks or silos.
However, there are requirements in which level measurements are not feasible or attainable with conventional measurement technology due to the extreme boundary conditions or only possible with very high installation or maintenance costs. This is applicable, for example, in environments with high pressure or high temperatures or with aggressive or abrasive media.

Pressure Instrumentation

 Pressure instrumentation includes various pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors, and transducers that are used to measure and display the units of pressure of a fluid or gas.  Transducers, transmitters, and sensors measure the pressure in pumps, pipes, tanks, and other processes and then send a signal to a display, controller, HMI, or other device. Pressure gauges are analog or digital devices used to display the readings and provide local real-time measurement for effective pressure monitoring.

Temperature Instrumentation

Temperature instrumentation includes a wide range of field instruments and sensors used to measure temperature in commercial and industrial systems. These temperature control systems include manual and automatic processes for monitoring and controlling the temperature to maintain an ideal operating range to optimize production and prevent equipment damage or failure.

Flow Instrumentation

Flow measurement involves determining the movement of a fluid or gas through a pipe or channel. There are two forms of measurement typically used: volume and mass. The devices used to measure the mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas include mechanical flow meters, differential pressure-based meters, variable area meters, electromagnetic flow meters, thermal mass flow meters, and more. A combination of one or more devices may also be used as part of a flow measurement process. 

Controllers & Data Acquisition

Data acquisition stations and controllers gather and digitize measurement signals for control and/or storage and analysis. This process collects data for monitoring and analyzing testing and manufacturing processes. The visualization of data enables easier analysis and allows you to monitor multiple stations across multiple areas of a facility. Meet all your process control needs with products from Red Lion, Watlow, and Partlow.

Industrial Automation Sensors

Sensors have the critical function of detecting and measuring presence, distance, and other factors in industrial automation processes. The data collected by these sensors is then used to monitor and manage operations.