EGET stands for expertise, quality, and reliability. We know our business better than anyone else and can offer you the most effective solutions on the market.

Using our diverse product portfolio, specialized knowledge, and 25 years of experience, we develop suitable solutions together with our customers for new, unique process tasks in a wide variety of industries and applications. We help you choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Pressure Instrumentation

Pressure instrumentation includes various pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors, and transducers that are used to measure and display the units of pressure


In the process industry, precise systems for level and level switch measurement are fundamental and make an important contribution to the safety and high quality of production and logistics

Controllers & Data Acquisition

Data acquisition stations and controllers gather and digitize measurement signals for control and/or storage and analysis. This process collects data for monitoring and analyzing testing and manufacturing processes.

Temperature Instrumentation

Temperature instrumentation includes a wide range of field instruments and sensors used to measure temperature in commercial and industrial systems.

Flow Instrumentation

Flow measurement involves determining the movement of a fluid or gas through a pipe or channel. There are two forms of measurement typically used: volume and mass. The devices used to measure the mass or

Industrial Automation Sensors

Sensors have the critical function of detecting and measuring presence, distance, and other factors in industrial automation processes. The data collected by these sensors is
Our goal and means

Our goal and means

To be a pioneering company as a first choice which is driving the changes in the Industrial Automation and production system equipments.


هدفنا: أن نكون شركة رائدة – خياركم الأول – يقود التغييرات في أنظمة التحكم الصناعية ومعدات نظم الإنتاج.



We are providing a portfolio of services along the entire manufacturing-consult-design-build-operate-maintain cycle regarding the Industrial Automation and production system equipments.

خدماتنا : نحن معكم لنقدم لكم مجموعة من الخدمات على مدار دورة التصنيع من حيث الإستشارة والتصميم والتوريدات والتنفيذ والتركيبات والتشغيل والصيانة لمشاريع أنظمة التحكم الصناعي وأنظمة خطوط الإنتاج.

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