EDT3423A Defrost Controller

  • On-Off control
  • Three relay outputs for cooling,defrost and fan control
  • Two NTC probe inputs for cooling and defrost control
  • Offset value can be entered for NTC probe
  • Compressor protection parameters can be entered
  • In the case of probe failure, output state can be selected as on-off or periodical running
  • Upper and lower limits of the setpoint can be adjusted
  • Selectable “Smart Defrost” feature
  • Defrosting duration and interval can be adjusted
  • Upper and lower limits of the alarm value can be adjusted depending on the setpoint value
  • Temperature unit can be selected as °C or °F
  • Digital input can activate defrost starting, external alarm or lighting feature
  • Parameter can be transferred by using “ENDAKEY-RF” without connecting the device to mains supply
  • Communication feature via RS485 ModBus protocol (order option)
  • CE marked according to European Norms


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